We have been using the services of “Doggy Day Care” on a daily basis for over twelve months now, and as a result, have had peace of mind, and a very happy dog.

Hayley and her colleagues have proved to be one hundred percent reliable and trustworthy in meeting Miry’s needs, from a puppy needing amusing, a gentle introduction to the outside world, and cleaning up, to a young dog, being introduced to the pack, and being shown how to find her place. She has learned how to socialise with other dogs, respect other people, and where the boundaries are. Miry returns home, tired and contented.

Hayley has been happy to give advice when asked, has always been quick to respond to last-minute requests, and has never let us down when she is busy, putting on additional walkers to meet the need. Even when I lost my house key, Hayley drove over and let me in.

I would not hesitate to recommend “Doggy Day Care” to any dog owner.

Debbie Hunt.

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