Positive Training for Every Stage of Your Dog's Journey!

Based in our very own dog club in Silverdale, is DoggyDaySchool.

Catering for all your dog training needs. We hold classes from puppies to advanced training.

Our instructors are APDT accredited and cover a wide range of disciplines and have lots of classes to choose from.

We only use positive based training, to help you and your dog to get the most out of each other and for you to learn and have fun learning life skills in a comfortable and friendly environment.


Play school


Primary School

Secondary School

Play school

This is a 6 week course. Maximum of 8 puppies.

This class is designed for pups 3 to 6 months old. This fun controlled class is designed to prepare your pup for the big wide world, with positive rewards, it teaches social skills and confidence all through learning.


This is an 8 week course. Maximum of 8 dogs.

This class is for the adolescent pup to learn boundaries, dog etiquette, manners and listening skills.

This class is vital to a dog’s behaviour at this crucial age. Hormones in males and females are changing and if not controlled with positive training can lead to unwanted behaviour inside and outside the home. This class will help you have the tools to handle situations in a calm, controlled manner and have a happy well rounded dog.


Primary School

This is an 8 week course. Maximum 8 dogs.

This class is an intermediate class for those wanting to learn more about their dog and their abilities.

We concentrate on proofing good behaviour, walking nicely on lead in a controlled manner, rapid recalls and how to settle your dog. All continual life skills to enjoy as you bond with your dog

Secondary School

This is an 8 week course. Maximum 8 dogs.

This is for the more advanced learner, proofing all life aspects in different situations. Proofing good behavior with distractions and working on various niggiling actions.

Exciting New Classes: Unleash Your Dog's Potential with Fun Tricks and Behavior Workshops!

As well at the obedience classes, we also have other fun classes running.


Trick classes. This is an 8 week course, maximum of 8 per class.

These are a fun, bonding and enjoyable class that will have you showing off to family and friends.

No matter what your dog’s intellect or intelligence, our instructors will work at your dog’s individual pace to achieve a happy goal.

Whether it’s getting your dog to twirl on a stool or the beginning of a “Britain’s got Talent” dancing dog journey!!

This class is full of fun and giggles which will get you hooked!

We will also be running workshops to concentrate on certain aspects of dog behaviour. This will help with basic problem solving form

Loose lead walking

Don’t jump up me

Gun dog classes

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