Unleash your dogs star potential!


With kind, empathetic and fun training methods that get AWESOME results!

At Star Pawformers we want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable, we will do our best to
accommodate all clients needs and create a safe and welcoming learning environment. Positive
reinforcement and kindness are for everyone, not just the dogs, we want you to leave our classes
with a smile on your face and training skills in your pocket.

Both dogs and humans have different
abilities and will progress at different rates, we strive to accommodate this so that all can
achieve success.

To take a look at what courses are available or to book classes


Please contact Kate on

TEL- 07972 789017

EMAIL- [email protected]


A Little About Me

My names Kate, this is me and my Cockerpoo Alfie enjoying an awesome day at the beach – our
favourite place.

We want you to enjoy times like this together too which is why I am passionate
about helping owners and dogs live their best lives together.

Through training we can resolve all
of those problems that cause you and your dogs stress and help you lead a harmonious and fun life
together so you both can shine.

Don't suffer alone! Let us help you with problem behaviours with our individual and bespoke

Training & Behavioural Packages

⭐Puppy Package

⭐Good Manners Package

⭐Loose Lead Walking Package

⭐Recall Package

⭐Behavioural Package
(which covers more complex issues such as resource guarding, separation
issues, reactivity and nervous / anxious behavior etc)

Obedience Classes 8 Week Courses

Max - 6 dogs per class

⭐Twinkle Stars
Puppy Classes for pups aged up to 7 months Beginner Classes for 8 months and upwards

⭐Rising Stars
APDT Foundation - Bronze Level Obedience

⭐Shooting Stars
APDT Progressive - Silver Level Obedience

⭐Super Stars
APDT Jubilee - Gold Level Obedience

Specialist Workshops

⭐Rapid Recall
3 Week Intensive Workshop

⭐Loose Lead Walking
3 Week Intensive Workshop

⭐Heelwork to Music Workshops

⭐Master Classes

Trick Classes 8 Week Courses

Max - 6 dogs per class

Great for your relationship & bond
Mentally stimulating Fun for you and your dog Builds confidence & focus

Classes look at introducing behaviours that you want from your dogs to allow them to fit into your
world and aims to prevent against behaviour problems in the future.

We help you understand why your dog does what they do and train them to behave in a way that suits you and your family. We also offer the opportunity to work your way through The APDT Good Companion Awards which is a a national program taking dogs through general day to day skills in progressive courses.

We have a maximum of 6 dogs in a class. We offer current & progressive training methods without physical corrections or mental intimidation and you can be assured that all training is approached with affection, respect, empathy and kindness for both people and dogs.

All ages and abilities welcome.We have a maximum of 6 dogs’s in a class.Training will include
lots of different tricks and prop work and also work towards building behaviour sequences and
heelwork to music routines.

We will help you work your way through the different star stage trick levels to ensure continuous
progress and achievement. Completion of each level earns you a new star for your dogs bandanna.


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